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You ARE a Lightworker!
No one is going to coax you into your role. The energies are flowing in every part of your being. Some of you will claim that such comments are a hoax. That your life, thoughts, sensations, and emotions are no different from last year. Perhaps you wish to be on the Lightworker stage but feel you are not worthy, or that someone / something is stopping you. Neither belief is correct. You ARE a Lightworker.

Granted, not everyone has, or even wants, the same skills in this new earth transition. But, if you continue to deny the energies surrounding you, then you are not ready to move forward. Even though you are fully capable of being on the Lightworker stage, waiting for the spotlight to find you, some of you have decided the stage is too frightening, and have moved behind the curtain. That is your choice – not a choice created by the Universes – but by you. For you are a Lightworker. Lightworkers who need proof, will probably never receive it. Self-worth is generated from within. We cannot give it to you, nor can anyone else.

We have stated that you would be clearing your most difficult pieces before transitioning into the 4th and beyond dimensions. And so it is. Spiritually, physically, and intellectually, you may be excited to move to other dimensions – yet, your fears limit your options. You would not be interested in exploring new earth materials if you were not a Lightworker / Wayshower / Starseed, or whatever you wish to label those of you introducing earth to an age of joy and love. It is your need to feel worth-less or un-worthy that is forcing you from the stage of Lightworker fame.

Many of you state that you do not feel anything, or that your life is just the same. Does that not sound like a child during summer vacation, whining that life is boring? And, as a parent, do you not laugh at such statements and suggest several activities your child might enjoy? You are now the adult! Then, there are those of you who claim that you are not clear enough, strong enough, or good enough to be a spiritual leader. That somehow everyone “out there ” is bigger, better, and stronger. Shades of Old Age comparisons that hold no validity in this New Age.

You are not like anyone else – other than you are transitioning into Love and Joy. Your path is unique. To compare yourself to another Lightworker and their skills or sensations, is like comparing apples to oranges. You are different for a reason. If all Lightworkers were the same, how could this transition expand beyond a small group of like-minded, like-acting, like-skilled individuals? There is no time for modesty, fear of your power, or an unwillingness to be a Lightworker – if that is what your heart draws you to. In past lives, you could shirk the game-plan created by you, before you entered earth, knowing that you could fulfill that obligation to yourself at a later time. Such is not the case in this transition. Each of you is an important thread in this transition tapestry.

You may feel as if you have nothing to contribute. Quite frankly, if you allow that belief to penetrate your being – you do not. And if that is what you wish to continue to believe, it is indeed time for you to move behind the curtain, and allow someone who believes in themselves to move center stage. No one is going to cajole you into your role. No one is going to babysit you, as you moan and groan about how you wish to participate but you cannot because of this or that. No one has time to hold your hand, as you whimper about how unqualified you are. This is the time to accept your full power. That does not necessarily mean you will be a media star. Merely that you claim your power in whatever form gives you Joy. And the first step in claiming your power is, believing with every fiber of your being that you are a Lightworker.

For some, that means a physical manifestation of something you have longed for. For others, it is the knowingness, deep within your being, that you are a Lightworker with a role to play in this wondrous transition – a role you created before your entrance on earth. Perhaps you are of the group who brought the New Age to earth. You have since shifted roles into beaming the joy of this transition to others. Meaning that not only must you accept that you are a Lightworker, you must display that you are in whatever way your inner-being dictates – whatever gives you joy, from growing vegetables to becoming a media star.

You are who you are – as you created yourself before entering earth in this lifetime. Perhaps you are shy. That is entirely acceptable and exactly what you wish to be. But, in your shyness, you still will radiate the light of a Lightworker – if you accept your worthiness. This is not the Age to hide under a basket in fear or pain. But instead, to shine your light in whatever fashion feels most joyful. You never have to be center stage – but you do need to accept that you have a place on stage, before you can be a true Lightworker. You do not need to channel, heal the sick, write books, make presentations, change the world, transport yourself to other parts of the Universes, or create a new tool, to be a Lightworker. You merely need to accept that you are a Lightworker, and that you will move into your role – whatever that role is – when it is your time to do so.

Stop whining. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop making excuses for why you cannot be a Lightworker. Stop throwing up your hands in disgust because all of this is a hoax – and move to your place on stage! Your co-Lightworkers are moving toward their Joy and have no need to caretake you, any more than you have a need to caretake others. You ARE a Lightworker of the greatest magnitude, merely waiting for your role to begin.

So be it. Amen.